Friends of the Earth Cambridge connect with us! #SuburbiaNoMore!

Ian from Friends of the Earth Cambridge kindly attended our Great Eastern street meeting on the 17th and shared disucssions he has had in various locations relating to our matter.

Interestingly at Salford University SIRC (Innovation and Research Centre) the Q&A session held talked about noise pollution how the effects can be linked to severe distress as well causing structural issues to properties. Below is a snippet from that meeting.



Against everything that GTR are saying, that all the “experts” had notified them that it would be like, as if someone was just having a gentle conversation, or the volumn was no louder than 40db. It doesnt take someone who has had a sound engineering degree to stand 3 streets away from a train track whether or not the train is slowing down or speeding up that you would not only hear but also feel a slight vibration. Then multiple that one time with upto 4 times an hour and for several hours a day. Then picture the properties that are 1 street close to the train tracks…

So much for some of us who left the big cities like London to seek intellectual and peaceful refuge in smaller cities like Cambridge. This would lead to some like us to think twice, but hopefully this GES movement would eventually #quashthetrainwash.

Very thanksful for Ian to make an attendance and share his experience and knowledge with us.

If you are interested in hearing more please read more at the following link  or why not get in touch and join the movement.